EPIC FORCE Soundpack

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This BOMBASTIC pack can be ideal for film makers, game developers, animators, and anyone who need an epic diverse range of sound effects to enhance their audio production.

Drawing inspiration from iconic movie moments, EPIC FORCE captures the essence of epic battles, placing you in the thick of the action. Experience the hair-raising tension of a climactic sword fight, reminiscent of the adrenaline-fueled duel in Kill Bill. rush Feel as the bullets whiz by with breathtaking precision, transporting you into the heart-pounding gunfights of John Wick.

TOTAL SFX: 1.154


What's so special about this Pack?

✅ Comprehensive Variety: EPIC FORCE boasts an extensive array of sounds that can easily be drag & drop and bring true epicnes to your Projects.

✅Innovative Sound Design: Be empowered with the tools to unleash your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

✅Convenience and Ease of Use: EPIC FORCE is thoughtfully organized and labeled, allowing for quick and easy access to the perfect sound effect when you need it most. This convenience saves you valuable time, enabling you to focus on what matters most—crafting unforgettable experiences.

This soundpack is a testament to the belief that quality and power go hand in hand, delivering an unforgettable audio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

What's inside?

  • HITS & BLOCKS (Light Hits, Medium Hits, Heavy Hits, Multiple Hits)
  • MELEE WEAPONS (Sword, Machete, Axe, Hammer, Metal Pipe, Crowbar, Tonfa, Scrape, Wood Hits, Drops, Pick Ups)
  • GUNS ( Machinegun, Submachinegun, Bullet Hits, Whiz, Weapons Drop)
  • LASER GUNS (Laser, Plasma)
  • PHYSICS (Bodyfalls, Debris Stone, Debris Brick)
  • GORE (Blood, Splatter)

Prepare to harness the concentrated might of EPIC FORCE and take your sound design to new heights.

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178 MB

EPIC FORCE Soundpack

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