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Soundpack 7 Upgraded!

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Soundpack 7 Upgraded!

Re-Sound Studio


One of the most sold and powerful SoundPack we got wants to show off once again and it's ready to make your editing days even more epic.

This pack can be ideal for film makers, game developers, animators, and anyone who need a diverse range of sound effects to enhance their audio production, who needs a vast range of high-quality sound effects to choose from.

This pack is a must-have for any professional or hobbyist in the field.

It has been upgraded to be much more functional package. 203 more Sound Effects ready for a load more fun.

TOTAL SFX: 1.154   !!!!

Take a little peek of how your videos could sound like with this awesome Sample we made for you:

Awesome Testimonial:

Complete list:


  • Machine-gun (Distant Fire, Machinegun-Submachinegun-Fire)
  • Bullet Hits (Multiple Hits, Flesh, Generic, Metal, Wood)
  • Bullet Whizz (Multiple Bullet Whizz, Single Bullet Whizz)
  • Weapon Drops


  • Laser
  • Plasma Gun


  • Sword-Machete-Axe (Hit, clash)
  • Hammer (Hits)
  • Metal Pipe-Crowbar (Hits)
  • Tonfa (Hits)
  • Scrape
  • Wood Hits
  • Weapon Hits (pistols, shotgun, gun-butt)
  • Drops (wood, knife, sword, pipe, crowbar,pistols,shotguns)
  • Pick Up (wood, knife, sword, pipe, crowbar)


  • Multiple Hits
  • Light Hits-Blocks
  • Medium-Heavy Hits


  • Body Falls (Generic, Metal, Wood)
  • Brick - Stone Destroy


  • Blood Splatter-Drip
  • Gore

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An insane variety of Action Sound Effects awaits you!

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