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A movie that finally brings joy and hope to this dark times...

I finally get to say a movie has generated something I haven't felt in a long time. FUN, EXCITEMENT, TENSION, LAUGH, EMOTIONAL RESPONSE and most importantly HOPE.

Top Gun (2022) delivers all of that and even more.

A movie is more than just a movie. It's an artistic way to manipulate your emotions to make you feel something and watching films from the last 10 years I truly had loose hope to see something worth writing a mail about it.

There isn't a single second of this movie that's wasted, every scene is there for a purpose, from a raging sound of fighter jet to a quiet conversation to the epic soundtrack of Hans Zimmer. This movie delivers pure joy and brings back feelings that thought they were lost forever. Yes my friend is that powerful, a film that you will never regret watching on theaters, an unique experience.

No sociopolitical bullshit, no negative subliminal messages, no after credits, no prequel, no sequel (I could be wrong on this one), a simple film that gives you entertainment and an epic closure. And oh man how I missed that!

And what can I say about Tom Cruise... He's changed since he made Mission Impossible Fallout. He's more emotional, he's greater than has ever been, Maverick IS Tom Cruise. And I can say this with complete certainty, he's truly the last movie star of our times. I applaud this incredible man.

The audience cried, laugh and in the end of it they felt complete, hopeful and happy, the movie received an ovation I haven't heard from a loooooong time and have to admit I clap myself, felt happy to experience something amazing.

If you want to see a hopeful movie again in this depressing, dark shitty movies times I say only this: WATCH TOP GUN

PS: The Sound Design is epic! WATCH IT ON IMAX.



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