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Helpful TIPS for Sound Designers!

I hope that our work and passion is inspiring some of you to give Sound Designing a chance. Always great to hear private messages from awesome comrades being inspired and getting into this gig.

We completely appreciate your messages.

And for that we got some special tips to give you from the many years of experience dealing with clients.

  1. Be extremely respectful and open minded to your client.
  2. Don't talk like a professional, it's boring and desperate. Just sound friendly like talking to a human being (he or she is a human being in the end)
  3. Never argue with a client, if there's no good vibes then just be as concrete as you can. Try to finish the job with short reply's but always keep the friendly vibe. NO NEED TO ARGUE WITH ANYONE.
  4. When there's zero vibe from their part just refuse to work for them. Simple as that, just say "no, thank you".
  5. If you're halfway there in the work and you're not convincing your client just give the payment back and that's it. Look for another client.

BONUS TIP: Ask for a upfront payment before getting into it, this is a clear sign of mutual respect.

That's it for today, 6 simple tips to keep in mind comrades. One that I particularly want you to keep in mind is number 3. Never waste your good energy arguing, there's absolutely no point and you will gain nothing but anger from it.



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We made it to Netflix!

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